Customer onboarding information for NatWest Markets N.V.

Getting ready for Brexit.

On 25 March 2019, we started serving some of our EEA customers from NatWest Markets N.V. and we contacted relevant customers to inform them of this. We’ll keep serving our other customers as we do today.

The below information is provided to support customers who need to onboard NatWest Markets N.V. as a new counterparty.

The registered/business address for NatWest Markets N.V. is Claude Debussylaan 94, 1082 MD Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Regulatory disclosure information

NatWest Markets N.V. provides all required regulatory disclosures via Markit ISDA Amend. If you are not permissioned to see our representations via this platform please let us know at and we will add you.

A summary of the key details is also provided below:

  • EMIR: NatWest Markets N.V. is a Financial Counterparty (FC) under EMIR and a Clearing Category 2 counterparty for all mandatory clearable products.
  • Dodd Frank: NatWest Markets N.V. is not a US Person, nor is it the Guaranteed or Conduit Affiliate of a US Peron as per the CFTC’s definition of a US Person for Dodd-Frank purposes. Not an Affiliate Conduit has No US Person Guarantees.
  • MiFID II: NatWest Markets N.V. is an EU Investment firm, and registered as a Systematic Internaliser. The Market Identifier Code (MIC) is NWNV. For details on NatWest Markets Plc MiFID II compliance please see here.

Tax and Anti-Financial Crime Information

The Wolfsberg Group Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire is available on request to counterparts requiring this information in support of a relationship with NatWest Markets Plc or another NatWest Group entity

The following NatWest Group financial crime statements can be found on the our purpose page of

To request the below information please submit a request to

  • W-8BEN-E form, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for U.S. Tax Withholding and Reporting
  • Entity tax residency self-certification form (known also as the CRS form)

Operational information

The below information is provided to enable customers to set up NatWest Markets N.V. as a new counterparty. We’ll confirm to customers via email the date that their trading will commence from NatWest Markets N.V.

Note on existing transactions transferring to NatWest Markets N.V.

Some customers have existing transactions in scope to transfer to NatWest Markets N.V. via the Banking Business Transfer scheme (FSMA) or via a contractually agreed novation. This is subject to final confirmation and we’ll let you know before any transfer goes ahead, and provide additional instructions to support this.

If we have not contacted you about transfer of your existing transactions to NatWest Markets N.V., your transactions will remain with NatWest Markets Plc and you should continue to settle and confirm those trades with NatWest Markets Plc.

Where we have an agreement to direct debit your account, we are contacting your bank to ensure this process continues for NatWest Markets N.V. You may receive a communication from your agent bank relating to this.

Additional information to support mapping to NatWest Markets N.V. if you will use an electronic platform to confirm your FXMM trades with us:

  • FXALL: Long Name = NatWest Markets N.V. Short Name = NWM NV@rbs
  • GTSS: map to the new BIC (RBOSNL2RTCM)
  • MISYS: map to the new BIC (RBOSNL2RTCM)
  • Bloomberg: map to the new BIC at deal code level and then submit via SSPV to the new BIC
  • 360T: Long Name = NatWest Markets N.V. Short Name = NatWest Markets EU

Nostro account information for NatWest Markets N.V. has been uploaded into the above platforms.

  • CLS: CLS will contact customers directly regarding a new Additional Settlement Location for NatWest Markets N.V. and provide instructions for re-matching trades where applicable (subject to confirmation of any transfer of existing transactions)
  • Depository Trust & Clearing Cooperation (DTCC):

Central Trade Manager (CTM): RBOSNL2RTCM

Omgeo Alert
For Securities:
Acronym: RBOSLDN
Model name: NWMNV

For Cash:
Acronym: RBSFMFX
Model name: NWMNV

Participant Name: NatWest Markets Plc
Short Code: RBOS
Legal Entity Name: NatWest Markets N.V.


NatWest Markets NV entity: 0000T6C9

  • Tax: The Tax Identifier for NatWest Markets US Tax ID 13-5268975 / Foreign Tin 0010-28-133
  • TriResolve (TriOptima): NWMNV
  • Our Tradeweb code is “RBS”

Changes to services - Trax and Aladdin confirmations

Please note that we will not be providing Trax or Aladdin confirmations as a service from NatWest Markets N.V. Aladdin fixed income confirmations will be sent via email/fax to the addresses we have on file for you.

NatWest Markets N.V. Financials

NatWest Markets N.V. is regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (“DNB”). It will comply with the capital requirements, as set by the DNB, during the relocation process.

Following the transfer of assets, NatWest Markets N.V. will continue to have capital ratios in excess of the regulatory minima and consistent with the indicative 2020 guidance CET1 ratio shown in this NatWest Markets N.V. financials factsheet.

*For UK entities or UK subsidiaries that require information to onboard NatWest Markets Plc as a new counterparty, please also email us at and we will be happy to help.

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