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FXFX outlook: Parky’s quick take – 18 January 2021

What’s happening with currencies this week? Neil Parker, Market Strategist shares his views.

brexitThe Brexit deal came in time for Christmas – but was it the gift UK businesses & markets hoped for?

With a Brexit trade deal now in hand, our specialists outline some of the short, medium and long-term effects for corporate and institutional decision-makers.

EconomyWhat’s on my mind for 2021

At the start of each year we set out things we're going to be watching out for.

Green bondsESG News: The sovereign effect on European sustainable debt issuance

When governments take the lead, others follow.

ESG/SustainabilityStructuring a sustainable KPI-linked instrument

More than a decade after the first Green Bond issuance, use-of-proceeds debt instruments – such as green or social bonds – are dominating the sustainable finance market.

ESG/SustainabilityStructuring a sustainable use-of-proceeds debt instrument

With investors, customers, regulators and the wider public – sensitised by treaties such as the Paris Agreement or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - increasingly expecting companies to align their business model and practices with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, companies are acknowledging that change is in the air and that their sustainability journey will entail a series of projects which will require funding – capital that can, if done correctly, be more easily raised from ESG investors and is often more competitively priced in the sustainable finance markets.