FXFX outlook: Parky’s quick take – 18 October 2021

What’s happening with currencies this week? Neil Parker, our FX Market Strategist, shares his views.

ESGGoing green for your maiden bond issue

Want further evidence that green finance is becoming mainstream? Then look at the exponential increase of inaugural bond issuers opting for a sustainability label.

ESGCarbonomics 101: What are voluntary carbon markets and how are UK financial institutions using them as part of their sustainability strategies?

With the momentum behind net-zero growing and institutional zero-emissions pledges making headlines, we take a closer look at voluntary carbon offsetting, carbon markets, and how financial institutions are using them as part of their sustainability strategies.

MarketsWhat the ‘shortage of everything’ really means for businesses: addressing supply chain issues, rising inflation, and cost pressures

We recently conducted a study of our corporate clients to find out the problems they’re facing and how they plan to adapt, and summarise the findings in this article.

Markets & EconomyThe Weekly Watch Podcast: Financial Market Updates

Keep up to date with the latest in financial markets with our quick-take analysis on what to watch for the week ahead.

Bondcast: The Rates Podcast

Sharpen your portfolio views on fixed income, learn how the biggest themes, trends and events shape bond performance, and get deeper insight into rates markets with the latest analysis & research from the NatWest team.

FXFX Webinar – October 2021

Since the last webinar, we've seen further evidence of a slowdown in the pace of recovery across the major economies, ongoing supply chain disruption and labour shortages.

ESGWhat ESG investors want: Sustainability-Linked Bonds need fine tuning

The sustainability-linked bond (SLB) market has emerged as one of the fastest growing ESG asset class of 2021, already accounting for 10% of the overall market. Yet the fierce debate around the structure continues – a reason for NatWest’s Sustainable Finance team to host an online panel about SLBs as part of NatWest’s “What ESG investors want” series.

ESGTransitioning to net zero carbon – Germany’s Green Finance market

In our third and last article about Germany we’ll shine a spotlight on the country’s financial sector, which some observers say “has yet to pull its full weight in contributing to a smooth continuation of the Energiewende and a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions”.

ESGTransitioning to net-zero carbon – Germany’s challenges and opportunities

While its long tradition of protecting the environment and instilling a sense of ‘green duty’ in its citizens from a young age has given Europe’s biggest country a head-start in addressing the climate crisis, observers have been surprised to see Germany lagging behind others in formulating ambitious climate policies and mobilising its public and private sector.

ESGTransitioning to net zero carbon – Germany’s political and institutional priorities

After kicking off our Virtual World Tour ahead of COP26 with the UK, we’re now travelling to Germany to have a closer look at Europe’s largest economy, starting in this article with an overview of Germany’s political and institutional priorities, covering in more detail

FXFX outlook: Parky’s quick take – 11 October 2021

What’s happening with currencies this week? Neil Parker, our FX Market Strategist, shares his views.