Multi-assetCorporate Treasury Weekly – 4 March 2021

Breaking down trending trades & themes to help corporate treasurers get ahead of the latest issues shaping markets.

ChinaChina’s dual-track economic recovery in 2021: should markets be worried about tightening financial conditions?

With a dual-track economic recovery taking shape in China, markets have grown increasingly wary of tightening financial conditions. Is there cause for concern?

ESG/SustainabilityThe business case for Sustainable Investing

For many, the 2004 published UN Global Compact report: “Who Cares Wins: Connecting Financial Markets to a Changing World” marked the birth of a corporate ESG approach and sustainable investing.

ESG/SustainabilitySustainable Investing - the drivers

Surging demand for ESG investment options, particularly amongst a younger generation, has fuelled the popularity of this asset class.

ESG/SustainabilityThe history of Sustainable Investing

When ESG investing was first touted at the beginning of the turn of the millennium, investors were hesitant. Their focus was shareholder value, not environmental and social or corporate governance.

FXFX outlook: Parky’s quick take – 1 March 2021

What’s happening with currencies this week? Neil Parker, Market Strategist shares his views.

Fixed incomeThe Weekly Watch: more taper tantrum talk & spotlight on the Fed

Global Head of Desk Strategy John Briggs takes a closer look at how markets (and central banks) are digesting recent positive economic data and Kevin Cummins, Chief US Economist at NatWest Markets joins for a spotlight discussion on the US economy & the Fed.

UK Budget PreviewUK Budget 2021 preview: a little more, a little less

With the UK budget set to be revealed in a matter of days, Ross Walker & Theo Chapsalis take a closer look at what to expect, the potential impact on the economic & market outlook and key risks you should consider.

BondcastBondcast: yields are rising everywhere – at what point will central banks push back?

Rates are rising and yield curves steepening at a precarious time for the global economy – at what point will central banks push back?

TreasuryLower for longer: four options for corporates struggling to find gainful homes for cash

Negative interest rates may be off the cards in the UK, but the low rates seen in recent years show few signs of letting up.

FXFX outlook: Parky’s quick take – 22 February 2021

What’s happening with currencies this week? Neil Parker, Market Strategist shares his views.

ESG/SustainabilityESG investing: Green debt & the asset-based approach

When structuring green or other use of proceeds debt, you can fulfil your “pledge” through referencing expenditures and/or asset value.