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2 minutes on the UK election and the aftermath

What's in store for the UK election? Here we outline possible election outcomes, impact on the wider economy and the direction of sterling.

SONIASONIA & SOFR - compounding the problem with conventional wisdom?

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the Risk Free Rates (RFR) space about conventions to use for compounding calculations, and what the "right" number is.

Global outlookYear Ahead 2020

A different view from consensus. For us, next year sees the end of monetary policy dominance and so much more...

ESG/SustainabilityESG market dynamics: Many steps to transition

How “coupon step-ups” could usher in a new form of sustainable finance

ESG/SustainabilityESG market dynamics: A case of label overload?

15 different types of sustainability debt instrument have been issued in recent months – is the market becoming too complicated?

ESG/SustainabilityESG market dynamics: The view from America

Any budding international artist knows: you haven't truly succeeded until you've make it in the US. The same is true for sustainable finance: it needs to "crack" the American market to become a truly global and sizeable asset class.

ESG/SustainabilitySustainability is the new mandatory

The pressure on companies and organisations to act, as well as think, in sustainable ways is building. It will soon be irresistible.

LIBORLIBOR fallbacks….and the winner is…..5 year median

In what seems like an endless stream of consultations, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) finally give us clarity on the fallback mechanics - for derivatives at least, even though there's confusion as to what triggers this.

Introducing our Macro Volatility Index

Uncertainty looks set to rise; we use our new proprietary Index – a simplified approach to assessing global volatility – to monitor the state of play.

Regional focus: ChinaUS-China trade war optimism to continue – but for how long?

After the stress of August, it appears as though sentiment towards the US-China trade war has entered a new phase.

SONIATwo new heavyweights join the Risk Free Rates scrum

Our Risk Free Rates Calculator now also supports SOFR, €STR and a variety of additional calculation options

Global outlookThe bad news cycle isn’t getting any worse or better – it’s just shifting

As the end of the year looms closer, Jim McCormick, Global Head of Desk Strategy, outlines three evolving macro themes for the months ahead.