Brexit Watch: Boosting Post-Brexit resiliency

21 September 2020

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A deal may be done but the realities of Brexit have only just begun. Where next for the UK? How can your business thrive? Boost your resiliency with our quick reference guides and useful insights.

From considerations for your financial services arrangements to finding the corporate finance opportunities – get the information you need to adapt & thrive here.

The Brexit deal came in time for Christmas – but was it the gift UK businesses & markets hoped for?

15 January 2021

In this feature we recap the final deal and its impact on businesses, key sectors and financial markets. Read more here.

8 ways your business might be impacted

30 November 2020

In this quick-take, Corporate Sector Advisory Head Rupert Taylor gives an outline of how Brexit could affect UK companies and how coronavirus may exacerbate or mitigate some of these impacts.

Boosting Brexit resiliency: Navigating your financial services -- a quick refresher for corporates

27 November 2020

How could the end of the transition period affect how companies in the UK and EU access financial services? Mike Slevin, a Managing Director specialising in Corporate & Institutional banking, gives a quick take on the main implications and outlines a seven point review plan for corporate finance decision-makers to consider.