What financial institutions can learn about tackling the climate crisis from NatWest’s own sustainability journey

04 November 2021

Katie MurrayGroup Chief Financial Officer

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Katie Murray, Group Chief Financial Officer and James Close, Head of Climate Change at NatWest Group share insights into how the bank is tackling the climate crisis and wider ESG issues, and what other financial institutions can learn from our sustainability journey.

Climate change has never been more important and is rapidly rising up the agenda for financial institutions (FI).

But to effectively tackle the climate crisis – and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks – FIs should position sustainability as a core part of their business strategy. Crucially for banks, this means reducing emissions across operations, choosing sustainable suppliers, and helping customers accelerate the race to net zero.

As a purpose led bank, we believe that when we work to benefit society and the climate, we will deliver long term value and sustainable returns. We have transitioned to seeing our balance sheet in shades of black, red, and green – achieving net-zero emissions across our operations and massively increasing the scale of sustainable lending to help our customers achieve their climate and sustainability ambitions.

Watch Katie Murray, Group Chief Financial Officer and James Close, Head of Climate Change discuss how we are tackling the climate crisis and the broader ESG issues faced globally, and share key learnings and insights into how FIs can accelerate the transition to net zero.

To learn more about our Purpose, visit  https://www.natwestgroup.com/our-purpose.html


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