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Monetary policyIs the euro in safe hands?

In the past, the People’s Bank of China had the potential to alter the euro’s direction, but this looks set to change. Here we explain how and why,

Market sentimentChanging seasons: What’s the outlook for the rest of 2019?

The first half of 2019 was a pretty unique period for financial markets. And so much for a ‘quiet summer’ – August volatility was the equivalent of a perfect storm…

ESG/SustainabilityClimbing the foggy mountain of sustainability

We’ve recently seen laudable initiatives to develop a universal green language such as the EU taxonomy, which provides detailed eligibility criteria for economic activities that...

Regional Focus: ChinaStress over China reaches new highs

NatWest Markets’ proprietary China Stress Index is used to measure investor sentiment towards China. Since Monday 5 August, the Index has continued to climb… What’s troubling investors?

Market infrastructure & regulationLoan market IBOR credit adjustment - look forward before you look back

On 7 August 2019, the Loan Markets Association (LMA) published a guidance note highlighting considerations in respect of the application of credit adjustment spreads in the context of the move from LIBOR to near risk-free rates.

GeopoliticsItalian government crisis explained: Political timeline and market outlook

A political crisis in Italy is now in full swing. When will there be an election? What impact does this have on the outlook for the Italian economy and markets?

Market infrastructure & regulationDelay? What delay? Margin final phase kicked out by a year

With many market participants wrestling with the final phase of margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives for next year, the market has been thrown a lifeline through an additional phase in 2021.

Market Infrastructure & RegulationThe EU benchmark space is getting a bit crowded

So what are the plans for all these benchmarks jostling for attention? We set out below some of the key changes coming down the line...

Market infrastructure & regulationWhat blockers do our customers have to SONIA adoption?

Calculating compounded realised rates can be a challenge. Whilst the Quants are familiar with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) formula...

Market infrastructure & regulationHas the loan market "realised" SONIA's potential?

In March, we highlighted that whilst the derivative and bond markets had made great progress in embracing SONIA, the loan market was yet to…

Our voiceGFXD event highlights career opportunities for women in FX

Simon Manwaring, opened the “Next Step FX: Promoting Career Opportunities for Women in Foreign Exchange” event.

ESG/SustainabilityGreen halo 2.0

It has been rewarding to see that the “Green Halo effect”, which we at NatWest Markets first introduced in early 2018 has become part of common market parlance.