Ben Nicklin

FX Structuring

Joined NatWest Markets


In current position



Ben is a senior Foreign Exchange Structurer with special focus on UK Corporates. For 20 years he has been helping clients to navigate a market and a regulatory climate in a state of almost permanent flux. As part of this process Ben has been critical to many of the related technological developments at NatWest Markets in fields such as credit, cashflow, accounting, pricing, transacting, reporting, valuation etc.

Previous positions 

1999-2001 Quantitative Research


Bachelor of Engineering (Queensland University)

Bachelor of Economics (Queensland University)

Masters of Finance (London Business School)

Previous Experience

Ben started his professional life as a Structural Engineer in Australia before switching to banking and then later moving to the UK. For 20 years he has been helping corporate clients here to build “structures” of another kind to solve Foreign Exchange hedging problems.

In moments of immodesty Ben claims to have invented the Bonus Forward.

Contact details

Tel: +44 (0) 7920561002