Everyday Banking

Simple to do business with

We aim to make it simple and efficient for our corporate and institutional customers to manage their everyday banking with us through our range of flexible products and services outlined here:

COVID-19: Applications We’re currently prioritising applications from existing customers, which unfortunately means we’re not accepting new applications from customers of other banks. You may be able to access support more quickly by contacting your current bank.

Manage the cash in your business efficiently and effectively

Our cash management specialists could help you manage your cash position more effectively, while improving your transaction handling – and with that – your customer and supplier experience, too. Whether it’s about basic banking and payments, corporate cards or a slightly more complex cash management need, we could have the solutions for you.

Product and transaction fees may apply. Specific criteria may apply for some services.

Current accounts

Our current accounts help you to manage your income and expenditure as simply and effectively as possible whether that’s in Sterling or other currencies.

Eligibility criteria applies.

ISO 20022 Global Standard for Payments Messaging

ISO 20022 XML (eXtended Mark-up Language) is an established global standard for payments messaging. Over time, ISO 20022 XML will be used by all Payment Service Providers (PSP) in the U.K. for all payment products starting with CHAPS and International (Currency) payments. 

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Making and accepting payments

Whether you're making or accepting a payment electronically, by credit card, cash or cheque, find out how to do it quickly and securely.

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NatWest Payit

A fast, fair, simple and safe way to pay and get paid.

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BACS payments

Save time and money* by making and receiving regular payments via BACS with Direct Debits and Direct Credits.

*Payments are processed automatically to/from customers' accounts. And computerised records facilitate streamlined processes that save the cost in time and money of sending reminders and pursuing late payment etc.

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Cash, cheque & drafts

Whether you want to withdraw or pay in cash or cheques – small amounts or large – we’ve a host of secure services to suit your business.

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Commercial Cards

Card payments are one of the safest ways to pay – both in person and online – and offer flexible banking at your fingertips.

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Credit card payments

There are many ways that you can settle your credit card account or make additional payments to free up card balance.

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Electronic payments

Make and accept payments quickly and securely using Faster payments and CHAPS.

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Using an IBAN reduces errors and delays when making international payments.

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International payments

We offer international transfers that can arrive same day or at a future date to suit different payment, destinations and timescale needs, giving you the speed and security that you require.

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Payment security

Keep fraudsters away from your funds and help protect your bank account, suppliers and customers.

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Payment Services Directive

Makes payments across Europe more efficient and easier to understand.

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The EU payments integration initiative harmonises electronic euro payments.

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